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Qualifications (2020)

National Certificate: New Venture Creation (NQF Level: 2 | Credits: 138)
Further Education and Training Certificate: New Venture Creation (NQF Level: 4 | Credits: 149)
Certificate Beauty Therapy (NQF Level: 3 | Credits: 133)
Further Education and Training Certificate: Beauty Therapy (NQF Level: 4 | Credits: 120)
National Certificate: Beauty Technology (NQF Level: 3 | Credits: 133)
Further Education and Training Certificate: Beauty and Nail Technology (NQF Level: 4 | Credits: 156)
Diploma in Healthcare and Skincare (NQF Level: 5 | Credits: 266)

Certain Part/Short Time Courses require generic subjects or other pre-requisite subjects, please enquire whether this applies to your chosen course/s.
· Anatomy & Physiology
· Bamboo Massage
· Business Studies
· Calabash Massage
· Eyelash Extensions
· Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting and Shaping
· First Aid Training Level I
· First Aid Training Level II
· Body Therapy I
· Body Therapy II
· Diet and Nutrition I & II
· Hot Stone Therapy
· Health & Hygiene
· Introduction to Iridology
· Hawaiian Massage
· Make-Up Techniques I
· Infant and Pregnancy Massage Workshop
· Cold Glass Therapy
· Manicure and Pedicure
· Nail Technology
· Nail Art (Basic)
· Manual Lymphatic Drainage
· Skin Care Therapy I (incl. basic day make up)
· Skin Care Therapy II
· Swedish Massage
· Sports Massage
· Spa Management
· Thai Massage
· Waxing
· Rungu Massage
· Shiatsu Namikoshi Massage
· Indian Head Massage

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Please note that the 1 year Beauty Certificate course cannot be completed on a Part-Time basis. If you are enquiring about Part-Time courses, please state which you are interested in e.g. Nail Technology. Courses for the health & beauty industry only. We do not offer courses or qualifications in Nursing, Engineering, Law etc.