Laser Hair Removal

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What is laser hair removal?

Laser Hair Removal uses advanced laser light technology, which targets the melanin within the hair follicle. The laser light is then absorbed into the root of the hair, destroying the hair cells and stunting regrowth of hair. There is no damage caused during this treatment to the surrounding skin and is considered safe and effective.


Sandton Beauty Clinic only uses FDA approved laser technology, which delivers superior results with no downtime.


Why Sandton Beauty Clinic?


As the largest provider of Laser Hair Removal in South Africa, Sandton Beauty Clinic uses revolutionary technology to remove unwanted hair effectively and painlessly. We are able to treat all skin types, all year round.


Sandton Beauty Clinic has a highly trained team of qualified experts that will treat you with the greatest care, making sure your treatment is a comfortable experience.

We pride ourselves in being experts in our field and we go above and beyond to deliver the best service, affordable prices and guaranteed results.


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