Synchro + Myo Myoso



Intensive face care & Intensive Smoothing Cream

SYNCHRO is used for skin problems especially in the following areas: Face, hands, bust and body: premature ageing, ageing tissues, deep dehydration and demineralisation, various types of inflammations: acne, rosaceous, acne, scars, stretch marks, burns (recent and old), and all kinds of skin problems that are difficult to resolve.

MYO MYOSO has a tightening effect on the facial muscles and a smoothing action on the skin of the face. Specific cream for wrinkles, sagging skin (around the face, around the eyes, neck…). Restores the area around the eyes, lips and neck.

SYNCHRO has a complex composition and contains different oils: calendula, sweet almond, beeswax, fatty acid, vitamin B complex; the vitamins A, C, E and H; extracts of wheat germ, allantoin, hypericum; biological extracts which play an important role in restoring and regulating the tissues. Rich in trace elements and amino acids. Regenerates the basal cells of the skin.

MYO MYOSO contains: phytostimulines obtained from plant extracts, particularly: witch hazel, hops, wheat germ; vitamins A, B, C, H; avocado oil with a high vitamin content; vitamin F; a very active biological extract; amino acids: Cystein, Methionine, Ornithine and Leucine.

SYNCHRO is used for rejuvenation of the face, hands, bust and body. It is applied after complete absorption of all the other specific creams and accelerates the results.

Apply in small quantities until completely absorbed.

Lightly apply a small amount of the cream MYO MYOSO all over the face and neck, in the morning only, after cleansing the face with Glyco and Fibro, especially on the most wrinkled areas, or on the fine lines only, for younger people. Then apply either Immuno + Synchro or Synchro, Cytobi or Cells Life. Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones.

The tightening effect is immediately noticeable and can be maintained by the daily application of a very small amount of this cream.