Synchro + Nuclea



Intensive face care & Repairing Cream

SYNCHRO is used for skin problems especially in the following areas: Face, hands, bust and body: premature ageing, ageing tissues, deep dehydration and demineralisation, various types of inflammations: acne, rosaceous, acne, scars, stretch marks, burns (recent and old), and all kinds of skin problems that are difficult to resolve.

NUCLEA Repairing Cream, discover its soothing, penetrating action leaving immediate feeling of freshness and comfort. Its exceptional regenerating effect stimulates cellular activity and reinforces the defense mechanisms of your skin.


SYNCHRO has a complex composition and contain different oils: calendula,sweet almond, bees wax, fatty acid, vitamin B complex; the vitamins A, C, E and H; extracts of wheat germ, allantoin, hypericum; biological extracts which play an important role in restoring and regulating the tissues. Rich in trace elements and amino acids. Regenerates the basal cells of the skin.

NUCLEA contains vitamins of the B series, vitamins A, C, E and H, wheat germ, allantoin, etc…


SYNCHRO is used for rejuvenation of the face, hands, bust and body. It is applied after complete absorption of all the other specific creams and accelerates the results.

Apply in small quantities until completely absorbed.

NUCLEA is applied preferably in the evening after a good cleansing with the milks or Lysi and the lotions Fibro or Seri.

The cream Synchro has to be applied in small quantities, allow to penetrate well, then apply NUCLEA on the parts that are difficult to regenerate. Make sure it penetrates well.

For a quicker result, use a small amount in the morning before applying the day base Tropo, Tropo Plus, Proli or Symbiose by GERnétic.