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My skin has never been this good!

Hi Faieeza you are honestly amazing. My skin has never been this good! I am so confident without makeup as my skin is clearing up so nicely. Every time I have done a facial at Sandton Beauty Clinic I was always happy with the results. Your employees are also very friendly and very professional. I am pleased with my skin it hasn’t looked or felt this good in a while. Thank you!

Global sensation

Hi Faeeza,
You are an absolute skin guru. You should be consulting globally…
My skin cleared just like you said. You are always so spot on. Thank you. Thank you.

Wanted to also ask if it is too soon to do a peal to lighten the areas I darkened?

I am in CT from next week.
Appreciate your advice
Thank you
Roxane (sister to Vickie)☺


Supergrowth Hairspray

Hey Faeeza

Here is my review for the hairspray.

As an African woman who has her hair in braids for the majority of the year, I have suffered from a weak or fragile hairline for many years. I have tried many products that promise a regeneration of hair growth; from hair pomadesto pills to sprays and although there were minor improvements, they fell short of the promise of a stronger hairline. I tried the Supergrowth hair spray from Aura International for a month and the difference has been significant if not near miraculous. Not only has my hairline “regenerated” but the hair is also stronger, thicker and did not leave my scalp feeling sensitive or dry. I applied the spray twice a day (morning and evening) and I would seal it in with a little castor oil on these edges. I am ecstatic that the product delivered on its promise of “Supergrowth” and it will definitely be a staple in my arsenal of beauty products. I can unequivocally and unashamedly admit that I’m impressed, I’m a fan and I’m a satisfied customer. Faeeza, you’re a genius!

Genovefa Makgekgenene

Genovefa Makgekgenene

Dandruff and hair growth

Hey there Faeeza,

I have braids on and I’ve been using the Supergrowth spray on my scalp for a little less than a month. I love how it makes my hair smell clean and fresh all the time. I noticed that I see a little less dandruff than normal. I like that a lot. I can’t wait to see the hair growth results on my edges. Will let you know.

Tnx Lerato


Scars are gone!

I’ve been to you before for my scar and that is how I know the coconut butter us good.

Faeeza it is gone. You gave me a treatment after a lady burnt me hair removal and I have been battling to find you. No mark left at all


Professional Makeup Services


Meant to message you sooner to tell you that all the ladies you sent over were absolutely wonderful and they did a beautiful job. We will be recommending them to everyone.



Icing on the cake

Dear Faeeza,

I trust this mail finds you well.

I need to compliment you on an awesome establishment you’re running. My friend and I were in awe and had the best reflexology and back massages. But the icing on the cake has to be the complimentary eyebrow waxing and tint… they look awesome.

Thank you very much.

You said something about my skin that made me trust you more than I ever have any dermatologist. If you can recall I have a scaring from acne, some few breakouts with blemishes (dark spots) in between the scars. You asked me to email you and remind you of our conversation and you will reply with products I should go buy at Dischem.

I shall await your response

PS – hope you enjoyed hosting the guests you were running home for. It was a pleasure to have met you.

Machaka M. Mosehana

Machaka M. Mosehana

Excellent service

Faeeza, thanks again for your excellent service this morning, you will definitely see me again and thanks for all the tips.  You are great and a great lady to come to for business!!!

Elna De Beer

Elna De Beer

Skin has improved drastically

I am so glad I called you. Since day one of your treatment, my skin has improved drastically. I feel it has become less sensitive and healthy now.

I wish I stayed closer so that you could do my facials and extractions. The lady that is currently doing it can see the improvement. My threading lady also commented that my skin has improved a lot & it’s only been three weeks of your treatment. My mummy is most happy for me.

What I love most about you is that you really care. You have taken my calls at odd hours with pleasure. You didn’t just put me on all your products only, so I know that you not just selling your products merely for business purposes like other beauty houses.

It’s amazing how much you know. U are better than a dermatologist, pharmacist & doctor. U have sorted me out in so many ways & I am ever so grateful to you. I can feel your passion to help women with skin problems & I trust you because everything you have told me to do has worked wonders.

I look forward to meeting you to give you a hearty hug. You have no idea what you have done for me.

Thank you



Acne cleared at 35

Dear Faeeza and Girls,

A big thank you to you and your team for clearing up my skin.

Battling with acne at the age of 35 is no joke.

After having spent literally thousands of Rands on skin treatments and some of the most expensive products on the market with only temporary success you came along and cleared my skin for much less!

I have been getting tons of compliments in the last couple of weeks on my skin.

I cannot thank you ladies enough for helping me.

You are a great team and I will definitely recommend you to other future clients.

Best wishes,

Nel Cloete

Nel Cloete

Beautiful heart

Hi Faeeza
Thank you for sending me that impressive video.  I’m so tempted and want to look into it further under your guidance and will inquire from Dr Rodney Robson as well.

Thank you for doing my electrolysis and your guidance re my eyebrows along with so many other suggestions and for giving me so many tips and lessons.

It was such a pleasure to have met you .. not only do you have a beautiful face but you are such a beautiful person, your main focus being the client and not focused only on what you can get out of it.

The gift that you sent to my daughter Justine after her brain surgery was such a kind gesture .. your heart as beautiful as your face.  Thank you and may you receive the good that you give in every respect.

The minute Justine is recovered I am going to book her in for a pampering session with you and will continue to support your salon individually and by putting your name out there to family and friends.

Thanks again for your advice and wonderful disposition which was much appreciated.

See you at my next session.

Warmest regards



Fabulous Make-up

Hi Faeeza,

Thank you for your glam make-up – you were so right, it faded completely under the lights! This is how they came out without any photoshop!!

Looks fabulous, thank you soooo much!

With love and appreciation.

Florence Reinartz Niemann


Florence Reinartz Niemann

Skin Tag Removal

Hi Faeeza,

During my first pregnancy, I noticed a change on my face, I developed dark marks on my cheeks and saw skin tags around my jaw and neck area. It didn’t bother me much as there were only a few of them. After my second pregnancy, the skin tags increased in numbers. They were now all over my face. I used concealer + a double application of foundation to create a flawless skin impression. All of that make-up was not healthy for my skin though, it caused endless breakouts, which further frustrated me. I recently visited Sandton Beauty Clinic where I had a facial done. I met Faeeza Sacoor, the owner, who told me that the tags could be removed quickly with minimal scarring and would give me that flawless look I so desperately longed for. She suggested removing the tags by cauterization. Below is a 7-day account of the procedure and the healing process.

Day 1: The procedure was performed by @faeezasacoor from #sandtonbeautyclinic. Numbing cream was applied to make the procedure bearable.

Day 2, 3&4: I experienced major anxiety at this point. My face was swollen, I had tons of holes and scabs on my face and my face was itching like crazy. I called #sandtonbeautyclinic regularly, and I must say the team at #sandtonbeautyclinic were so helpful, they helped ease my fears and were patient with the many questions I had. I applied Betadine to all the spots and it helped with the itching.

Day 5&6, the scabs started shedding, my face was still a little swollen and I still experienced some itching, especially where the scabs were still visible.

By the evening of Day 7. No scabs, No itching, No swelling and most importantly No skin tags. I’m still healing, but the results thus far are phenomenal. Smooth, clear skin…thanks to Sandton Beauty Clinic.

I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone who has the same problem I had. No pain, no fuss, just clear skin + the team at Sandton Beauty clinic are amazing and makes the healing process so much easier. I now only use a BB cream which is perfect coverage, especially in this weather. Best decision I made!



Skin looks great

The daily routine is great. I already see a massive difference in the way my skin feels and looks. It’s a much balanced and healthier look than before so thank you again for all your help!


Rosacea cleared up

I came in last weekend with Rosacea. My skin is absolutely loving the patches, it’s cleared up wonderfully.


Baby skin

I used ur home remedy but we doing it 3 times a day and using the Nanolite lotion as hand lotion.

I’m so excited, like a baby my skin is so beautiful.

I’m just waiting to get paid n pay for a big lotion n the patches. Thank you so much I’m really thankful.


Queen of skincare

Coming from Cape Town, waking up in Joburg made me feel like a crisp with no flavouring (so very dry). I went to Sandton Beauty Clinic where I had an incredible facial, both detoxing and hydrating. I’ve been using the Aura International Collagen Serum and the deliciously hydrating Cocoa Butter (suggested by Faeza who is the Queen of skincare I tell you). My skin was glowing the next day and someone said I looked younger so I ain’t stopping with those? I also had a Shiatsu massage and reflexology on Women’s Day (treat yo’self) which were HEAVENLY.
– Jazzara Jaslyn, film and theatre actress.

Jazzara Jaslyn
Film and Theatre Actress

Faeeza is excellent!

I specifically come to Sandton Beauty Clinic as soon as I fly into Joburg from the Uk. The team are extremely helpful, knowledgeable and professional. I have had veins and sun spots removed from my face and there are no scars!! I have electrolysis which works well compared to my 10-year treatment in the UK. Faeeza is excellent, I highly recommend this clinic 🙂 Sabine


Completely healed eczema

I have a little girl of two who suffered from chronic allergies to such a point where her hands and feet were cracking and bleeding with eczema. I eventually resorted to bandaging her hands and feet so she would not scratch the skin raw from the itchiness. We came across Sandton Beauty Clinic this year by chance where we met the owner Faeeza Sacoor who attempted treating my daughter’s eczema by first offering samples of her miracle scar block and her Cannabliss CBD cold cream.
In four days we noticed my daughter’s itchiness stopped and her skin was trying to build itself she started playing normal again happier and comfortable. Within three weeks her skin was completely healed. Thank you Sandton Beauty Clinic for your expert advice and products.
Regards Lebo