Laser Hair Removal

Nd:YAG lasers are solid state lasers. They work at wavelengths of 1064nm, which is within the infrared area of the light spectrum. They not only work at this wavelength but can also work in a double frequency mode which creates green light at 532nm wavelengths. Nd:YAG laser hair removal systems are said to be effective at on all skin types, something which other laser hair removal systems are unable to do. This laser treatment also has a fast rate of repetition and can be used on larger areas of skin such as the back and laser hair removal on legs.

Carbon is used as the chromophore in Nd:YAG laser hair removal systems. Carbon is used for its safety and strong absorptive properties. Carbon is a better chromophore than melanin at 1065nm wavelengths. A carbon lotion is used on the skin and this penetrates the hair follicle. The laser will then target the carbon during treatment. The only drawback to this is getting the carbon to penetrate the skin deeply enough to get into the hair follicles. There is also a risk that the carbon will spread out in the skin and when it comes into contact with the laser, it may cause a tattoo-like effect.

What are the Advantages of YAG Laser Hair Removal?

This system can work on the majority of skin types Large areas of the skin can be treated quickly and efficiently There is believed to be a significantly longer delay in hair regrowth than with other laser hair removal systems.

Arms, bikini, lips, sideburns, legs and nostrils are some of the most common areas of the body where ND:YAG laser hair removal is performed.

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