Tattoo Removal

Reasons for Tattoo Removal

People want to remove their tattoos for various reasons. Mostly you want to remove a tattoo when an end-of-history illusion bubble is burst, when that “awesome” tattoo you got one drunken night as a teenager doesn’t seem to be that awesome any longer. Or when an old tattoo gets faded and you want to use that part of the canvas for something new. Or when a tattoo artist stuffed up and you want to get your ink redone.

Method of Tattoo / Pigmentation Removal

Emerald Rain Tattoos uses a Q-Switched ND YAG Laser Machine to remove tattoos/pigmentation marks like freckles and sunspots. It produces a high-frequency laser pulse that doesn’t scar and is painless. It shatters pigments into particles that are cleared by the body’s lymphatic system. ND YAG lasers are currently the most favoured lasers due to their high peak powers, high repetition rates and relatively low costs.

How many sessions does it take?

The number of sessions and spacing between treatments depends on various things like the area of the body and skin colour. The full removal of a tattoo mark with the laser can take between four and six treatments, depending on the amount and colour of the ink. The full removal of a pigmentation mark with the laser will take up to two treatments. The treatments are spaced at least a month apart, and different lenses are used for different coloured inks/pigments.