Stretch Mark Removal

Treatment at salon

While the stretch marks eventually fade, they will never go away on their own. As with all scars, topical treatments are available to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, but only surgical procedures can eliminate the scarring completely, therefore we use a method called peels or microneedling.


Using glycolic acid or Cosmelan/Dermamelan this enables a bit of resurfacing and better and more even skin tone.


Makes the stretchmarks fresh again but can initially cause some pain which eventually heals with our home care. It has to be done a minimum of once a month and every skin is different so needs to be assessed individually to see how many sessions are needed.


  • Gernetic range of creams that has amino acid to build the skin long term and great for post-surgery scars.
  • Aura international collagen cream and cocoa butter with collagen scrub.